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Are you a Muslim who wants to achieve financial independence? Are you concerned whether the way you’re making money is halal or not? Or are you wondering if a certain kind of investment is suitable for your Duniya as well as Akhirah? Then hop on! This post is for you!

As a Muslim, it’s an obligation to strive for Ihsan (Excellence) in whatever (good) we do. Serving Allah SWT isn’t merely just restrained to praying 5x day, fasting in Ramadan, or paying Zakat; it’s wholly submitting to His will in all the facets of our lives.

No matter if it’s eating, sleeping, conversing, or whatever, if there’s a genuine concern for seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT, all that we do in the Duniya can be categorized as worship to Him.

Making money and having financial security is a big part of it because if that aspect of our lives is secure, we can move on to doing more important things in life.

It’s a religious duty to fulfill our families’ financial needs without depending on other people, and if we do not, we’ll be questioned for it on the Day of Judgement.

The Prophet PBUH said, “When a Muslim spends something on his family intending to receive Allah’s reward, it is regarded as Sadaqah for him.” [Sahih al-Bukhari 5351]

The reason you’re reading this post probably means that you’re eager to learn and grow as a person and achieve financial independence while still complying with the Shari’ah rules; that’s what separates you from all the people who’re blindly chasing wealth for the sake of just possessing it. A Muslim’s goal shouldn’t just be to become rich monetarily but to be happy along with possessing wealth, making an impact on the world, and pleasing Allah SWT in the process.

The intention is what determines everything. For 2 rakah Sunnah for Fajr is prayed the same way as 2 rakah Farz, just the intention at the beginning is different, and that determines the reward for it! If your intention is correct, you’ll achieve whatever you want and get the best of both worlds.

In Islam, wealth is not seen merely as a ‘pleasure tool’ to buy you whatever you want; it’s something way more extraordinary. Muslims are encouraged to be financially independent so they can do things that actually matter.

Most people live their entire lives just focusing on their tiny worlds and how they are worse off than their friends/families/neighbors, etc. When you step outside that bubble and focus on how you want to benefit humanity, you’ll start having completely different ideas (positively), meet the right people, and even get the resources to execute your ideas. Since now there is an element of Barakah in it; it’s we human beings who are limited, Allah SWT’s treasures are infinite.

So pray to Him, have Tawakkal, and go strive to achieve all the goals you’ve set!

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve always been curious to learn how to become rich. Wondered why only the rich are rich. Why is there just one Audi in a 100 Toyota’s? What are they doing differently?

Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (which I recommend everyone to read at least once) answered a lot of my questions, and that is where I became determined to learn and achieve financial independence.

However, to my surprise, learning more made me realize that most rich people are rich through ‘Haram’ (illicit) means. 

Around me, I found ways—lots of ways to make money. Here in Melbourne itself, people sell Cannabis (weed) in black markets. Others do betting. Some sell drugs. But is the money earned through Haram means really worth it for a Muslim? 

What separates a Muslim is the way he invests, spends, and earns a livelihood. Living a comfortable life may be one’s goal, but the ultimate goal should be Jannah. 

I tried finding resources to teach me the Islamic concepts of wealth, how we can be rich while complying with Islamic values, and to meet like-minded people in the process. I didn’t find any. Hence, I decided to create my own, document my journey along the way, and build a community. 

This blog will also talk about my misplays. Where I earned, where I lost, and my continued journey to escape the rat race and become financially independent eventually (In Sha Allah).

Stay tuned for regular updates, join the tWm Reddit community to network with other Muslims who want to achieve financial independence. If you’d like to be notified by email of our weekly newsletter, consider popping your email address in the subscribe-box.

See you soon with another article, In Sha Allah.

Disclaimer: Please do not consider this blog as a financial authority. All articles are written based on my own knowledge and experience. This blog is not authorised by any authority to educate people to make better financial decisions. All the articles are based on own my personal and independent opinion. Apply the advise based on your own discretion.

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