Why do you want to be rich?

Have you ever questioned why you really want to be rich? Or how much money you need before you can call yourself rich?  Before focusing on how to get there, we need to ask ourselves those two fundamental questions. It’s only until recently that I really thought about why I want to be rich when […]

What’s this blog about?

Are you a Muslim who wants to achieve financial independence? Are you concerned whether the way you’re making money is halal or not? Or are you wondering if a certain kind of investment is suitable for your Duniya as well as Akhirah? Then hop on! This post is for you! As a Muslim, it’s an […]

Are you missing Gratitude from your life?

Have you ever wondered why some people, maybe even living hand-to-mouth lives, when you meet them: They greet and talk to you in a way that quite aptly changes the trajectory of your day; they simply cheer you up in that 1 minute of conversation. Rhonda Byrne has written an entire book around the topic […]