How are you spending your time?

You finally wake up at 1 pm after you kept snoozing your alarm throughout the morning. Groggily you smudge your eyes, grab your phone and start scrolling through your Instagram feed. Before you realize it, an hour has already passed, and when mum finally screams at you for still being in bed, you put your […]

Why is Charity Necessary?

After reading the article on trading with Allah SWT, we know there’s an immense reward for investing with Allah SWT in the Aakhirah (remember our example of reward units?), let’s not forget the multifold positivity that charity adds to your life and society at large! What are these? Let’s take a brief microscopic look at […]

Doing Business with Allah SWT

Business is everywhere. With the world becoming a global village, business has seeped even into our homes as the online market has taken a hit. To your right, to your left, and even below you, trade-offs rule the world. You give something to get something in return. Take a look around your house and see […]

Who are your closest friends?

Since the beginning of time (Islamically – the time of Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hawwa (R.A) ), humans have interacted with each other, making friendships to survive and sustain collaboratively. The moment a child opens his eyes in this world, he is surrounded by family members who are already trying to attract his attention. If […]

What is Productivity, and how are we negatively influencing it?

Everyone wants to accomplish something ‘big’ in life. For some, it may be as simple as having a small and happy family by 25; for others, it may be retiring by 30 or perhaps being an astronaut and going on Mars! It’s this desire to achieve that directs most of our daily choices. The only […]

Are you missing Gratitude from your life?

Have you ever wondered why some people, maybe even living hand-to-mouth lives, when you meet them: They greet and talk to you in a way that quite aptly changes the trajectory of your day; they simply cheer you up in that 1 minute of conversation. Rhonda Byrne has written an entire book around the topic […]