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Helllloooo! I’m Syed Wasif Ur Rahman.. yeah, I prefer you call me just Wasif!

I’m a 21 y/o pursuing my Bachelor of Mechatronics Systems at the University of Melbourne. I aspire to be a successful Entrepreneur and the first Muslim trillionaire (in terms of cash flows) of the 21st century! Big dreams, but what is a few hundred million for the King of all treasures (Allah SWT)? 

Why am I studying Engineering while I want to do business? Well, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately as well. If you find any answers, shoot me an email ;).

At this point, my reasoning is that it interests me, and I think limiting myself to Commerce would significantly restrict me to one-way of thinking. Provided I can learn all about Commerce online and through my “business-ventures.”

You’ll find me walking in your suburb (if you live in Melbourne) at almost every ounce of free time I get. Walking, I get to listen to my favorite podcasts and psst… to make sure I hit the 10k mark on my fitness-band.

Previously a non-fiction enthusiast. Spending hours reading Khaled Hosseini and Sidney Sheldon’s books, I’ve now transitioned to reading self-help a lot.

Getting close to nature is also something that gives me great joy. Be it fishing on a Sunday morning or a stroll by the lake. (picture here)

Like everyone on this planet, I’m obsessed with money. My obsession is not just to buy a fancy car or travel around the world, but it is to leave a mark of my existence on earth and benefit humanity in w.e way I’m capable of. I love to think, plan and execute the ideas that come to my mind. From a blank piece of paper to something like this: 

and then eventually to the website you’re reading this on.

As a Muslim, however, more than I’m excited to plan everything out and try to cash it out, I always try my best to ensure that the income sources are halal (no Riba/rights-violation/environmental-damage etc). That’s a slight hurdle, especially living in the western lands, but that’s where the fun of it lies. It wouldn’t be fun anymore if it were too simple.

Also, I love to teach all I learn. I’ve taught physics, maths, and chemistry. And my students did think I’m reasonably good at it. But my higher goal is to teach people about entrepreneurship and business. Tell them to make better financial decisions. Stop depending on other people for money. Do not just think about themselves and their families, but Think Big, Pray Big, and Do Big. 

One thing I’ve learned from Tim Ferris is that time is never right for anything. If there’s anything you really want to do, do it. And then course correct. You will never get all the green signals in your life at once. Life is too short to procrastinate.

And as Paul Kalinthi says in ‘when breath becomes air’ that “the bitter truth is, you’re dying”. With a relatively short life-span, I think, its essential to make life as productive as we can, instead of spending it over petty issues and meaningless things.

As a Muslim, our iman is in after-life, and that world is merely a testing ground, which will surely end. The irony is that time could be anytime for us! Perhaps the next hour?

Most people are scared to live uncertain lives. They’d rather be unhappy than uncertain. However, from an Islamic lens, I see the challenges of life as a way of Allah SWT teaching us something. As the saying goes, ‘when Allah pushes you to the edge, either he’s going to catch you when you fall, or he’s going to teach you how to fly.’ So have Tawakkal, take calculated risks, and make firm decisions! 

Do I make a lot of money? Eh, not yet. But I would still call myself ‘wealthy’? To me, wealth does not just mean lots of money. Wealth is time. Wealth is Health. Wealth is knowledge. Wealth is a loving family. And most importantly, wealth is your heart being at peace. So yes! I’m wealthy!

The purpose of starting this blog is not just to educate people, but the higher goal of it is for this blog to act as a virtual diary for me. To reflect on when I’m older. Laugh at my own mistakes. Cherish the lessons learned. And hopefully, build a community while meaningfully touching people’s lives for the better.

Hop on this journey with me, and feel free to shoot me a message should you have any questions at ‘thewealthymuslim@gmail.com’.

Wasif Rahman

learning by the hour

A 21 y/o passionate to learn more about managing and creating wealth in the light of Islam! Not a professional finance guy, but learning alongside y’all! 

Wasif Rahman

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